Naturalistic Planting 


I relate to the naturalistic movement where the designer aims to create an environment that mimics nature and its beauty.


I love the movement of grasses, the many shapes of perennials and the possibilities that wildflower meadows bring to a garden. 


All these elements evoke nature and bring you from your garden to a lush countryside. 


Fortunately, many incredible garden designers showed us the way to follow.


To achieve a naturalistic garden you need to move from the most classical garden plants often selected to look anything but natural and embrace grasses, herbaceous perennials and wildflowers.


Choosing the right plants it is possible to create a wild looking garden with an incredible all year round interest with unexpectedly low maintenance. 

To give an idea of what you can achieve with this style, I suggest looking at the work of designers such as Piet Oudolf, Tom stuart-smith, Noel Kingsbury, James Hitchmough, Nigel Dunnet,  Wolfgang Oehme, Beth Chatto and Roy Diblik.